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About Debbie Boehlen

and the Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage

The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage was founded in 2003 by Debbie Boehlen.

Debbie Boehlen - Founder of The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage

Debbie began her journey towards better health in 1992 and has been continuously learning new methods and techniques to improve her health and well-being, and that of others, on all levels: mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional. The courses and modalities Debbie offers contribute toward natural health, relaxation, and a more balanced state of being.


Ms. Boehlen has been a Reflexologist since 2001, and an Indian Head Massage Instructor since 2003.  In 2009 she developed the Rejuvenating Face Massage Course and in 2014 she developed the Ayurvedic Foot Massage Course and has been offering these courses as well.


Ms. Boehlen has been a Reiki Master since 2002 and is certified in multiple energy healing modalities including, Access Consciousness Bars®, Axiatonal Alignment, and several Reiki variations including Usui Reiki, Karuna®, and Animal Reiki. She is a certified practitioner of Chair Massage, Foot and Hand Reflexology.  Ms. Boehlen also offers IonCleanse Detoxifying Footbaths.


Debbie has travelled throughout Canada since 2003 offering training in Indian Head Massage, Rejuvenating Face Massage, Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Usui Reiki, Animal Reiki, and Axiatonal Alignment.


Debbie Boehlen is a member of The Canadian Reiki Association (CRA)

All Courses are taught by Debbie Boehlen, Wellness Practitioner and Instructor

Member of the Canadian Reiki Association
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