Directory of Practitioners


This directory includes individuals have attended the Indian Head Massage, Rejuvenating Face Massage and/or Ayurvedic Foot Massage course through The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage, and who are offering sessions in these modalities at the present time. If you do not find a practitioner in your area please contact us.


Practitioner: Is one who has completed one or more of our Massage courses gaining knowledge of the principles and techniques used in one/or more of the above Massage sessions. "P" after the Practitioner's name will indicate this.


Certified Practitioner: Is a Practitioner who has pursued Certification after completing one or more of our Massage courses. Extensive case studies and testing have been successfully completed. Those listed with "CP" after their name have met the requirements for full Certification.


Certified Instructor: Is an instructor who has completed the teacher training with the Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage and is certified to teach one or more of the above-mentioned Massage courses through the school. Those listed with a "CI" after their name will indicate they are instructors.


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