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Full Certification Requirements For Massage Courses

Requirements for full Certification for Indian Head, Rejuvenating Face and Ayurvedic Foot Massage


  • Full certification may be obtained by completing the following:

  • 40 case study sessions (20 for Ayurvedic Foot Massage)

  • A written summary

  • A written exam

  • Practical exam

  • The passing mark for both the practical exam and the written part is 80%.

  • A Distance Certification Process is available.


You have up to one year from the date of your class to complete certification.

Certification Cost:  $100.

Comparison between the IHM and RFM Courses


Indian Head Massage

  • Done while client sitting

  • 30-minute session

  • Client fully clothed

  • MassagePractitioner standing for whole

  • Need a fold-up chair

  • 50 techniques

  • Work on 5 areas

  • Work about 5 mins on the face

  • Extremely portable, can go anywhere


Rejuvenating Face Massage

  • Done while client lying down

  • 60-minute session

  • Client fully clothed

  • Practitioner sitting for most of the massage

  • Need a massage table

  • 60 techniques (10 overlap with IHM course)

  • Work on the same 5 areas plus on the limbs

  • Work 30 mins on the face

  • Very easy on practitioners; for those who are no longer able to do sessions due to injury or burn-out, this is ideal

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