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How to be listed in the Directory of Practitioners


If you wish to be included in the Directory of Practitioners please submit the following information as you would like it to appear in the directory to Debbie Boehlen.  Payment will need to accompany your request, see below.




Qualification:  Practitioner or Certified Practitioner   

Business name (optional):

Address (optional):


Postal Code (optional):

Phone Number:

E-mail address:

Website address:



Your listing will include a link so that people simply have to click on the link to visit your site or send you an e-mail.  There is a one-time membership fee of $60.  If at any time you have changes to make to your listing, such as a change of address or adding a new website, then there will be a $20. fee for making that change to the directory.  Upgrading your status from Practitioner to Certified Practitioner is done at no charge at the time of your certification.  Payment can either be made by e-transfer or credit card (payable to Debbie Boehlen).  You will have the opportunity to view your listing and make any changes to it at no extra fee for the first month it is listed.  

Please note:  Listings containing non-functioning links will be removed.  To stay on the directory please advise us of any changes to your website or email address. 

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